Model for a Day - Self Acceptance.

Today I will be writing about something a little bit different from my usual travel en field work blog posts. I will continue writing about my trips of course, but today I wanted to talk about something important that happened. Granted, I went out in Fukuoka again but this time I went with two friends for a special purpose; a photoshoot! One of my friends was planning to do a photoshoot with one of our mutual friends and she invited me over. I had never done a photoshoot like this (I did a group photoshoot at a friends home years ago though), so I said yes.

Our photographer, our friend Jim, is an aspiring professional photographer. He likes to practice with different models and build his skill and/or portfolio this way. So it is a win-win situation; we got to experience being a model and got some nice photos for ourselves, he got to practice and show his skill. Besides taking photos he asks advice to some great photographers who are his friends and usually studies their photos as well. He is so dedicated to becoming a great photographer and I think he is on the right path. Makes me want to brush up my skill as well.

I usually am the person behind the camera (as you can see by the many photos on my blog), so it was strange to stand in front of the camera this time. I don't have the figure or height of a model and I don't have any features that would make me stand out as a model. I thought I would be really nervous, awkward or ashamed but that was not the case at all. I felt comfortable. This photoshoot was a really positive experience for me. I was actually surprised when I saw the end results. It made me take a more positive look on myself. For the first time I was not criticizing what I saw but I was happy with the photos. Not only because I thought I looked nice but also because Jim was able to show my personality through the photos. I finally saw my real self translated on a photo.

So I guess this photo shoot was a great opportunity to change my self image. I know a lot of girls (and some boys) struggle with their self image. I know how hard it can be when all the magazines, movies and internet are full of perfect people. Or when you feel that in real life you are surrounded by people more pretty than you. But you shouldn't let that get to you. You are you and you are awesome the way you are! I have come to an age were I finally started to realize and accept that fact. The photoshoot was just the final little push in the right direction. Sure, I am not perfect and I have days where I seem to dislike everything about myself, but generally I am happy with myself and accepted who I am.

My favorite photo; me in my natural habitat; at the sea on the beach!

For those who want to know, the photos were taken at the Nishijin area at a university with cool red brick buildings. The second are was Mooch beach. but by that time it was already very cloudy so it was hard to catch some perfect pictures (because Jim wants nothing but perfect :)). We also went up Fukuoka tower which was actually the first time for me. We ate lunch there with a view of Fukuoka city. It was a great ending for a nice day out.

I know it is not easy to positively change your self image overnight but you can work on it slowly and maybe like me you could try dressing up, putting on some makeup, just make yourself feel pretty and then head out to do a photo shoot. It might help you to feel more positive just like I did. And remember you are awesome!

Have you ever done a photo shoot?
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  1. So inspiring post! We, women, often compare each other and therefore we lack of confidence. We often forget that we're all beautiful !!! :)

    1. Thank you Agness! I know, it was a battle I fought for a long time and many other girls did the same. But as you said we are all beautiful and we should be aware of that :) !!

  2. Really nice post even if it is not about your trips! :)
    I am a new travel blogger, I follow you now! would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thank you!
      Sure, we travel bloggers should support each other :)